About Alison

With over 30 years of professional experience, Alison Swerdloff has been the face of every company or organization she has worked for.  Starting in the retail industry in high school and college, Alison has always been the epitome of professionalism and exemplary customer service.  She moved from retail to a corporate environment, where she stayed for many years.  She has worked in hospitality, non-profit, education, private investigation and even in sales.  In each of her positions, Alison proved that proper customer service is the key to success.  Her co-workers and employers have all praised her skills and ability to make each client feel like they are the most important person to her. 

As a parent of two young adults, Alison knows first-hand the problems that the younger generation have today with technology always being at the forefront of their lives.  She has experienced the lack of ability or desire to have a telephone conversation or even to put cell phones away during a family meal or family time.  Hell, even she has those issues on occasion.  In today’s age, no one is immune!  However, Alison has worked with her children to take responsibility for their own actions and urges them to take breaks from technology and spend time away from phones or computers.  She has continuously emphasized using proper words and communication when sending important emails or picking up the phone so speak with an advisor when necessary.  To Alison, it doesn’t matter what the environment is, proper communication skills go a long way to prove you are worthy of that job or position, even if it is just working as a camp counselor.

Utilizing her many years of experience and knowledge, Alison has created programs for individuals of all ages, from young adults to older adults, to achieve proper and professional communication skills.  Her desire is for everyone to be able to excel at their chosen profession and create their dream lives.  Customer service and interpersonal skills are so important in today’s environment, especially as we move to a more global world, and Alison has observed how poor communication skills can affect and prevent today’s young adults from moving forward.  She has also observed how older professionals have difficulty limiting their frustration and unfortunately not know how to prevent it from showing when dealing with co-workers or customers over the phone, via email or in person.  This, in many cases is to their detriment.

Between Alison’s professional experience, along with her certifications as a Virtual Coach and a Certified Canfield Trainer of the Success Principles, she knows she can help everyone improve their customer service and communication skills. She offers programs for individuals, groups, sales organizations and more.  For more information, contact Alison here, and sign up for her newsletter to receive regular updates including tidbits on communication and success, where she will be presenting, her newest blog posts and more.